California Ballot Measure Could Mean Big Changes for Drug Pricing

Continuing the MultiState Insider series on statewide ballot measures, today we take a look at a notable health care measure that will appear on the November 8 ballot.

Right to Try Initiative Gains Momentum in the States

People with terminal illnesses across the country may soon have access to some pre-market approval medicines as a result of “Right to Try” initiatives in the states. The legislation, modeled by the Goldwater Institute in Arizona, has been gaining momentum since first...

Is the California Vaccine Movement a Bellwether in Public Health Policy?

As reported earlier in the MultiState Insider, 2015 has seen many states debating how best to protect their citizens from rapidly spreading diseases. One of the most hotly-debated measures across the country this year was California Senate Bill (SB) 277. The measure, ...

Want to Win an Election? You May Have to Win a Game of Cards First!

Election Day was more than two weeks ago, and most states and localities have named their winners, many the same night as the election. But what happens when the vote is tied, or in some states, no candidate receives a majority of the votes?

Primary Elections Recap


By: Amber Thyson, Research Analyst August 27, 2014

Direct-to-Consumer Auto Sales Coming Soon to a Location Near You… Maybe


By: Amber Thyson, Research Analyst May 27, 2014

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