New York Senate: Battling for Control & Washington Senate: Power Sharing?

Prior to last Tuesday, the New York Senate had a Republican Majority of 33 to 29. After the election, that majority had shrunk, if not disappeared. However, yesterday it was reported that Senator-elect Sincha Felder from Brooklyn, who ran as a Democrat, will caucus with the...

More on Supermajorities and States with One Party Control

Folllowing last week’s election, there have been an increasing number of legislative chambers in which one party has a “supermajority”.  The importance of this, especially when both chambers and the governor’s office are all of the same party cannot be underestimated.  It...

2012 Supermajorities


By: Jeff Hartgen, MultiState Principal and David Shonerd, Senior Analyst Date: November 9, 2012

Council of State Governments 2012 Regional Meetings

By: Jeff Hartgen, MultiState Principal and Andy Trincia, MultiState Principal August 2, 2012

Top Corporate Positions that Fail to Register as Lobbyists

When most professionals think about lobbyists they tend to visualize media sensations like Jack Abramoff; the too big to fail lobbyist that was convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy in 2006. Serving as the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, Abramoff’s case...

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