State Tax Reform Opportunities and Challenges: The STAR Partnership

States spent most of last year wondering what form federal tax reform could take. Would Congress upend the income tax structure in favor of a border adjustment tax or would they just cut rates? What deductions would survive reform? How would these and a myriad of other...

Economic Nexus is the Most Prevalent Type of Sales Tax Compliance Legislation This Year
Last week, we identified the biggest tax issues which state legislatures will address in 2017. One of these issues is collection of sales and use taxes by remote (internet) sellers. Our prediction in this regard has thus far been borne out: as of January 27th, a total of...
Election Update 2016: Which State Legislative Chambers Flipped Control?

In October, we reported on several legislative chambers that might change party control after the elections. Republicans across the country expanded the map, and as of this reporting there are four additional Republican trifectas—states where one party controls both...

ALEC Annual Meeting Recap – Tax

The American Legislative Exchange Council (“ALEC”) held its 42nd Annual Meeting last week in San Diego California. In addition to witnessing the USS Ronald Reagan head to sea and observing the now customary union organized protests, participants discussed and acted on...

Improved State & Local Finances May Spur Tax Reform

For the first time in nearly a decade, governments at the state and local level are benefiting from improved fiscal conditions. Stronger revenue flows provide support to state governors and legislators who seek to reform their states’ tax systems by making it easier to...

Balloting for Business Taxes: The Results

In October, we noted that there were at least 50 statewide ballot measures addressing tax laws that voters would consider on November 6 and highlighted a handful of proposals that specifically targeted business taxation.

Balloting for Business Taxes

There are at least 50 statewide ballot measures addressing tax laws that voters will consider when they go to the polls on November 6. Scores of additional tax proposals will face local voters at the same time.

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