A Look at How State and Local Governments are Preparing for Ebola


The latest outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa continues to make headlines around the world as countries work to stop the disease and prevent its spread. The recent death of a man infected with the virus in Texas, and the subsequent infection of two healthcare workers...

Driving High: Colorado’s Impaired Driving Laws in the Wake of Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana has been legal in Colorado for more than six months now. As the first state to legalize the drug, Colorado has had to tackle a wide range of new issues linked to legalization. This article will explore one of many new issues for Colorado-- marijuana’s impact on...

Are E-Cigarettes Actually Cigarettes? Federal, State and Local Officials Look to Answer the Question

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) appeared on the market long after laws concerning tobacco sale and use were written, including smoking restrictions in public places. E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that sometimes are designed to look like regular tobacco...

Will States Increase Costs for Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Owners?

As states face mounting budget pressures, especially in the area of transportation funding, they are looking at new revenue sources. Increases in vehicle fuel efficiency and a reduction in vehicle miles traveled have led to lower revenues from gas taxes.

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