Top 10 State Legislative Trends for 2019

November’s elections saw the biggest shift in political control in the states in nearly a decade. When state legislatures gavel in their new legislative sessions in early 2019, most states will be bluer than they’ve been in a long time, which gives progressive lawmakers...

2018 State Elections Dashboard

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While the nation focused on the 470 congressional races Tuesday night, voters also decided...

MultiState's 2017 State Policy Review & 2018 Preview
This is an updated compilation of six separate posts the MultiState team has published over the past month reviewing the top state issues of 2017 and previewing what's ahead in 2018.


At the start of 2017, MultiState found that 31 states were facing budget...
MultiState's Ryan Maness is featured in the Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report for August 11, 2015

MultiState's Ryan Maness is featured in the  Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report for August 11, 2015.  The story is on page G-2.

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