Groups Season Is Upon Us

By Jeff Hartgen | February 22, 2016

There are so many groups which state government relations professionals can be involved with that the entire year could be considered “Groups Season,” but it really begins in earnest with the National Governors Association Winter Meeting, which was held this past weekend in Washington, DC. This week, the National Association of Attorneys General will have its Winter Meeting, also in DC. And during these meetings, other groups host events, including the State Government Affairs Council, Women in Government Relations and the Washington Area State Relations Group, as well as partisan organizations such as the Democratic Governors Association and the Republican Governors Association.

There are a wide range of organizations that can provide value to state government relations professionals, for professional development, gaining industry expertise and relationship building.

Finding the right mix for your company or trade association depends on your budget, the ability to commit time to making the most of your memberships, and your organization's position with regard to participation in partisan organizations, just to name a few. Few organizations have the financial and personnel resources to join—and more importantly be active in—anything but a select few groups. But to not be involved in any could be detrimental to both your organization's advocacy efforts as well as for your ability to network professionally.

Your state government relations colleagues are the best ones to provide insight on which groups might be the best fit for your budget and time, as well as helping you understand how to get the most out of your participation.

For a comprehensive calendar of Groups meetings this year, click here (upcoming meetings are displayed below).

Tis the Season!

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