More States Join Interstate Compact to Bypass Electoral College

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an attempt to bypass the Electoral College in presidential elections, continues to gain state support.

Key Takeaways:

Twelve States Must Finalize Budgets by July: Here’s Where Things Stand

Passing a budget is one of the most essential functions of a state legislature, but because the final product can bring about major changes to state spending and policy, budgets are often the most contentious proposals of the year.

California Privacy Law Prompts Other States to Examine Data Collection

As technology continues to become more pervasive, consumer privacy has become a hot-button issue for policymakers. Greater access to the internet, smart devices, and social media platforms have connected the world and made life more convenient, but they have also raised...

Taxation of Services Remains a Key Legislative Issue in 2019

As we’ve noted previously, states are continuing to consider legislation that would expand the sales and use tax base to personal and professional services. As of May 2019,  22 “taxation of services” bills have been introduced in 12 states: California, Connecticut, ...

States Fulfill Predictions in Enacting Marketplace Facilitator Laws

Earlier this year, we predicted that 35 states would require marketplace facilitators to collect sales tax by the end of 2019. At the beginning of 2019, 12 states required collection by marketplace facilitators. Three months after our “35 states call,” 26 states have now...

States Continue to Raise Gas Taxes While Congress Fails to Act

After Alabama became the first state to approve a gas tax increase in 2019, we asked how many states would follow its lead and raise new revenue for investments in state transportation infrastructure in 2019. So far, two additional states, Arkansas and Ohio, have raised...

Local Policy Digest: Regulating Short-Term Lodging Rentals, Drone Ordinances and Cutting Emissions in Buildings and Transportation

Short-term lodging rentals have been restricted in New Orleans and regulated in major cities across seven states. In April, MultiState’s Local Alert Service identified numerous municipal actions that would regulate or restrict short-term lodging rentals in seven states.

Chicago’s New Leadership Could Have Big Impact on the Windy City and Beyond

Voters in Chicago’s recent municipal elections have swept into power the most progressive slate of policymakers in a generation, and they could well have an indelible impact on the city’s tax and fiscal future. Six of the new City Council members are Democratic...

States Open Highways to Truck Platooning Technology

Although the rise of autonomous vehicles has garnered more of the public’s attention, assisted and automated driving technologies will likely to emerge from commercial uses, such as trucking, before autonomous vehicles are widely available for consumer use. One...

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