New Report: Six States Face Revenue Shortfalls in 2019 - A Marked Decrease from Previous Years

State budgets are in a strong position headed into 2019, with only six states projecting revenue shortfalls for the upcoming fiscal year. More than four times as many states faced budget deficits in 2018 and five times as many states did in 2017. A primary driver of...

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MultiState's Local Policy Digest explores the top legislative developments from municipalities across the U.S.

Taxing Services Could Be a Big Tax Issue for 2019

As states focus attention on federal tax conformity and Wayfair implementation legislation, another tax issue is percolating at the state level: proposals to expand sales and use taxes to services. This idea was highlighted during a U.S. House Judiciary Committee...

Top 10 State Legislative Trends for 2019

November’s elections saw the biggest shift in political control in the states in nearly a decade. When state legislatures gavel in their new legislative sessions in early 2019, most states will be bluer than they’ve been in a long time, which gives progressive lawmakers...

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