2018 Election Review: Gubernatorial Results

Much of the national attention on election night was focused on the U.S. House, where Democrats reclaimed control after eight years of Republican rule. However, Democrats also made significant gains at the state level, taking control of seven governor seats previously...

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While the nation focused on the 470 congressional races Tuesday night, voters also decided...

2018 Election Preview: The Georgia Governor’s Race

Georgia was once a reliably Democratic state, but as the two parties shifted ideologically, the state went from Democratic control of both chambers of the legislature and the governorship in 2002 to Republicans controlling all three every year since 2004. Republican...

2018 State Ballot Measures Preview: Medicaid Expansion

Voters in Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah will decide next week whether to expand Medicaid in their respective state, while Montana voters will decide whether to continue Medicaid expansion.

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MultiState's Local Policy Digest explores the top legislative developments from municipalities across the U.S.

2018 Election Preview: The Nevada Governor’s Race

In 2016, Nevada Democrats bucked national trends and took control of both chambers of the state legislature after two years in the minority. If they can retain their seats and win what is expected to be a very close governor’s race this November, they have a chance at a...

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