2018 Election Preview: The Nevada Governor’s Race

In 2016, Nevada Democrats bucked national trends and took control of both chambers of the state legislature after two years in the minority. If they can retain their seats and win what is expected to be a very close governor’s race this November, they have a chance at a...

2018 State Ballot Measures Preview: Tax

Update: Since the original publication of this article, the Hawaii Supreme Court struck down the Surcharge on Investment Properties to Fund Public Education Amendment. 

Voters in 19 states will weigh in on a variety of tax policy ballot measures next month. Of the 157...

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2018 Election Preview: Governor’s Races

Democrats are focused on taking the U.S. House and possibly even the Senate this fall, but they may also have the opportunity to flip several governorships in states across the country. Republicans currently hold 33 governorships, tying for the most seats they have ever...

2018 State Ballot Measures Preview: Transportation & Infrastructure

A perennial issue for state policymakers is how to properly fund aging transportation infrastructure. With inconsistent support from the federal government, states have taken the lead on raising funding themselves: Since 2012, 24 states have raised fuel taxes to invest...

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