Teacher Strikes: Making Fiscal Impossibilities Politically Possible

Education activists have descended on state capitals across the country to pressure lawmakers into appropriating more money for schools and teacher raises. Constituent groups trying to influence budget negotiations is nothing new, but these advocates have been singularly...

Twenty-Five States Face Revenue Shortfalls in 2018

Twenty-five states are currently facing a revenue shortfall, which is a marked improvement over our report from last year, when 31 states were in deficit. New additions to this year's list include Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, and New Jersey. Colorado,...

Louisiana Lawmakers Struggle to Close Budget Gap with Two Days to Go

Thing are becoming increasingly tense in the Louisiana legislature. On March 7th, the deadline to pass new tax bills out of the House expired with the state still more than $100 million short of the amount needed to avert “catastrophic cuts” to higher education and...

Trends in Gubernatorial Priorities in 2016

Note: we’ll be updating this post as more governors deliver State of the State addresses. Check back for updates!

2016 Predictions: What Will State Legislatures Focus On this Year?

Note: we'll be updating this post as more information is announced in state legislatures. Check back for updates!

Common Core Standards Under Fire

Common Core Standards continue to face scrutiny from state officials and legislators. Since 2012, criticisms have grown on both sides of the aisle and recently there has been an uptick in proposed legislation to combat Common Core Standards in various states across the...

The Fight Over Common Core


Rachel Arnold, Research Analyst May 9, 2014

Panic Alarms in Schools


By: Christine Garber, Research Analyst February 13, 2013

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