Lawmakers Weighing in on 'Pokémon Go' Craze

Children, teens, and adults alike have all been raving about Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s newest addition to its hit multimedia franchise. The game uses a smartphone’s GPS and camera to locate the elusive cartoon monsters hidden in real-world locations, such as city parks,...

Power to the (Young) People

Lobbyists are typically thought of as serious middle-aged men and women in power suits who carry expensive briefcases and converse furtively on their mobile phones. This stereotypical view is shifting rapidly as younger people enter government relations. As in other...

Types of Social Media Engagement from State & Local Elected Officials

As lawmakers adapt to using social media to enhance connections with constituents, two types of communication have emerged: inorganic and organic.

Social Media Spotlight: What Did State and Local Officials Talk About This Week?

The author would like to thank Hinson Peters for his help in gathering the data to support this post.

Social Media’s New Role in State Government Affairs

Today’s social media is much like the internet 15 years ago: we recognize that it’s important, but can’t quite put our finger on where its evolution will take us. In 2004, it was unimaginable to think of Facebook as a soon-to-be global platform where over 1 billion monthly...

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