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Alabama, Birmingham

Birmingham’s face covering ordinance expanded countywide effective Monday at 5 p.m

Alabama, Jefferson County

Order of Jefferson County Health Officer requiring the wearing of face coverings in public places. Entered June 30th.

Arizona, Chandler
Arizona, Mesa
Arizona, Phoenix

Declaration of Phoenix City Council requiring face coverings

Arizona, Pima County

Supervisors enact Countywide face mask rule

Arizona, Tempe (Maricopa County)

Regulations requiring face coverings

Arizona, Tucson

Face covering regulation

California, Alameda County

Alameda County mandates cloth masks in public, at essential businesses

California, Contra Costa County

Contra Costa Health Officer Issues New "Cover Your Face" Order

California, Fresno County

To facilitate safe business reopening in Phase 2 of the State Roadmap to Modify the Stay-At-Home Order, all residents should use cloth masks or equivalent face covering while indoors at work, while visiting a business, or while coming into close contact with someone who is not a family member, in accordance with CDC guidelines to prevent spread of respiratory droplets when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

California, Kern County

Requires EMS personnel, healthcare workers, and healthcare patients, to wear face masks

California, Los Angeles City

Requiring all Angelenos to wear face coverings when they leave the house. There are exceptions in place for small children or those with disabilities.

California, Los Angeles County

L.A. County now requires residents to wear face coverings

California, Orange County

Face Coverings Guidance

California, Palo Alto

An order by the Director of Emergency Services of the City of Palo Alto requiring the wearing of face coverings.

California, Riverside County

Face coverings and six feet of social distancing will be strongly recommended whenever practical and within reason.

California, San Bernardino County

Face coverings now optional, but still encouraged

California, San Diego

Face Coverings Required

California, San Diego County

Face Coverings to Be Required When Restaurants, Stores Open

California, San Francisco (City and County)

Masks and face coverings for the coronavirus outbreak. You are required to wear something to cover your face when shopping, taking transit, or getting healthcare.

California, San Joaquin County

Recommendations for use of face coverings from San Joaquin County public health officer.

California, San Mateo County

Wearing a face covering in public and following social distancing guidelines are required in San Mateo County by order of the Health Officer.

California, Santa Clara County

Bay Area Public Health Departments Recommend Non-Medical Face Coverings During Essential Outings

Colorado, Denver

All individuals three (3) years of age or older (“Individuals”) must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when entering, inside, or moving within any Public Indoor Space.

District of Columbia, Washington

When to Wear a Cloth Face Covering or a Mask • You must wear a cloth face covering or mask when outdoors and coming into contact with another person outside of your household, such as being within six (6) feet. • You must wear a cloth face covering or mask when inside of a business, office building, gym or other establishment open to the members of the public. You must also wear a mask in the common areas of apartments, condominiums and cooperatives. • You must wear a cloth face covering or mask when riding in a taxi, ride-share, or on public transportation. • Wearing a cloth face covering or mask does not take away the need for social distancing or other everyday precautions like staying at home when you are sick, and frequent hand hygiene. • A face shield is not an acceptable alternative for wearing a cloth face covering or a mask.

Florida, Broward County

Emergency Order 20-20, which goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, July 2, 2020, says people outside their home have to wear “facial covering in public spaces” if social distancing of six feet can’t be maintained. That includes all workers in a business or amenity, all customers in a business and anybody in the common areas of condominiums, apartment buildings and complexes.

Florida, Hillsborough County

To further protect the public against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Hillsborough County’s Emergency Policy Group (EPG) enacted an order requiring that face coverings be worn inside businesses that are open to the public, with certain exceptions. The order applies to all persons, including customers and employees, inside Hillsborough County businesses that are open to the public when social distancing cannot be maintained. The order is effective immediately. Children 5 years old and up will be required to wear face-coverings while inside businesses that are open to the public.

Florida, Miami

The City of Miami issued an emergency order mandating facial coverings be worn in public at all times and until further notice, with limited and specific exceptions.

Florida, Miami-Dade County

Emergency order requiring masks in all public spaces inside and outdoors throughout Miami-Dade County. It will continue to require masks indoors in public spaces, such as office buildings, stores and all businesses, as required by Order 20-20, which I signed on April 9. The amendment to this order that I plan to sign will expand on the use of masks outdoors, which have been required when social distancing of six feet is not possible. The amendment will now require masks to always be used outdoors with few exceptions. The exclusions to the use of masks apply only to those with respiratory conditions that make it difficult to cover their mouth and nose, people doing strenuous activities, such as jogging, and children under the age of 2

Florida, Orange County

Both employees and patrons of businesses that require employees and patrons to be within six (6) feet must wear a face mask or covering, unless the wearing of the patron's face mask or covering would impede the patron's service, in which case only the service provider must wear a face mask or covering.

Florida, Palm Beach County

Facial Covering s Directive is extended until 12:01 a.m. on December 21, 2020.

Florida, Pinellas County

An emergency ordinance of the board of county commissioners of Pinellas county, Florida setting indoor public safety requirements; mandating that individuals wear a face covering in public indoor places; establishing exceptions; establishing prohibitions; providing for penalties; providing for severability; providing for the suspension of all county ordinances inconsistent herewith; providing for transmittal to the secretary of state and providing for an effective date and sunset.

Florida, Tampa

E.O. 2020-42 was extended on February 12 by E.O. 2021-10. E.O. 2021-07 Requires the wearing of face coverings outdoors within specific locations in the City of Tampa defined as Event Zones and Entertainment Districts. Previous order required every person working, living, visiting, or doing business in the City of Tampa shall wear a face covering in any indoor location, other than their home or residence, when not maintaining social distancing from other person(s), excluding family members or companions.

Georgia, Atlanta

Requires people to wear masks when inside a building or outdoors when social distancing is not possible. Executive Order issued by Governor Kemp on July 15 prohibits localities from issuing/enforcing mask mandates.

Georgia, Gwinnett County

Requires masks to be worn in county facilities. Allows exceptions for bona fide medical or religious reasons and for people who cannot don or remove masks by themselves.

Georgia, Savannah (Chatham County)

Requires people entering a commercial establishment in the city to wear a face-covering or mask, though it exempts religious establishments and makes exceptions for people under 10 years old and those eating, drinking or smoking. Executive Order issued by Governor Kemp on July 15 prohibits localities from issuing/enforcing mask mandates.

Hawaii, Honolulu

Requires non-medical grade face coverings to be worn when in indoor and outdoor public spaces. E.O. 2020-20 requires face coverings to be worn in physical fitness facilities.

Indiana, Howard County

Provides a recommendation to wear face coverings

Indiana, Indianapolis (Marion County)

Requires masks to be worn whenever indoors (not in your own home), outdoors in a public place, or when social distancing is impossible. Provides exceptions.

Iowa, Des Moines

Proclamation Amendment makes face coverings mandatory in public places whenever proper social distance cannot be maintained. Provides that businesses may not serve patrons who do not wear face coverings and requires businesses to post signage related to the mask mandate. The mask mandate will continue even though the Governor repealed the statewide order.

Kansas, Wichita

As of 3/24, the local health order was rescinded. Wearing of masks is still strongly encouraged. Public Health Order issued on 3/15 requires masks to be worn in any indoor public space, while outdoors and in line waiting to enter an indoor public space, while outdoors and unable to maintain social distancing at all times, except for infrequent or incidental moments of closer proximity, and while riding on public transportation or while in a taxi, private car service, or ride-sharing vehicle. Requires all businesses to make reasonable efforts to inform members of the public as to applicable mask or other face covering requirements, and require all employees, customers, visitors, members, or members of the public to wear a mask or other face covering in certain situations. Provides exemptions.

Public Health Order issued on 2/2/21 requires masks to be worn whenever indoors, outdoors waiting in line to get indoors, on public transportation, and while outdoors and unable to maintain social distancing. Provides exemptions.

Public Health Order issued on 1/6/21 requires masks to be worn by all residents in any indoor or outdoor public space. Provides certain exemptions. Requires businesses to make a reasonable effort to inform customers of the mask requirement. Requires employees who work in an area where the public may be present to wear masks.

Louisiana, New Orleans

During Phase 3, masks are required in public except during personal outdoor recreation

Maryland, Baltimore City

Requires all persons over the age of 2 to wear a face mask and provides exceptions.

On April 29, Mayor Brandon Scott announced that masks will no longer be required when outside. Masks will still be required when at outdoor venues such as sporting events and concerts.

Maryland, Baltimore County

All Baltimore County residents age 5 and up must wear a face covering in any indoor business, service, organization, or establishment that serves the general public

Maryland, Montgomery County (Rockville)

Mandates face coverings are required at all times outdoors and indoors in public facilities.

Maryland, Prince George's County

Face coverings required outdoors at all times in PG county,

Massachusetts, Boston

Revised state order requiring all residents in Massachusetts over the age of 5 years oldto wear a face covering when in public.

Massachusetts, Worcester County
Michigan, Oakland County
Minnesota, Minneapolis

Requires people in Minneapolis to wear face cloth coverings when they are in an indoor public place.

Missouri, Jackson County

Effective July 1 2020, face masks are required at all times when in public. Everyone above the age of 2 is equired to wear one.

Missouri, Kansas City

Extends original "Ninth Amended Order 20-01" indefinitely. Requires residents wear masks in public places.

Missouri, St. Louis

All those over the age of 9 are required to wear masks when outside their homes or in an enclosed public place.

Missouri, St. Louis County

Mandates children over the age of 5 to wear masks in public. Every student in K-12 must wear a mask.

Nevada, Clark County
New Jersey, Hudson County

Masks now required in public outdoor spaces if social distancing is not practical

North Carolina, Raleigh

In an effort to curtail the spread of COVID-19, the City of Raleigh’s State of Emergency includes the required use of face coverings within the City. The declaration will take effect Friday, June 19 at 4 p.m.

Ohio, Toledo

Masks Required in All Public Places

Oklahoma, Tulsa
Oregon, Multnomah County

As of June 24, face coverings are required in indoor public spaces in Multnomah County.

Pennsylvania, Delaware County

DelCo COVID-19 Face Mask Guidance

Pennsylvania, Erie County

Erie County Emergency Order for Employee Facial Coverings thru 5/9/20

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County
Rhode Island, Providence
South Carolina, Charleston
South Carolina, Greenville

Extends mask mandate ordinance

Tennessee, Nashville

Nashville will no longer require face masks to be worn in outdoor settings. Mask requirements will continue in indoor settings where they were previously required. The health department also recommended that people continue to wear masks in both indoor and outdoor settings where social distancing is not an option.

Tennessee, Shelby County

Lists face covering requirements and exemptions.

Texas, Dallas (Dallas County)

3/4/21 Extends mask mandate in city buildings and facilities. 08/04/20 Brings Dallas into compliance with Gov's mask mandate on all people over 10. 6/29/20: Part A: requires all employees and visitors to any business wear a face covering while in an area where six feet of separation is not feasible. A copy of the order must be posted in the business and a failure to implement the requirements within five days of the effective date may result in the business being fined $500 per violation. Part B: requires all people age 10 and up to wear a face-covering while in public places where keeping six feet apart from others is not feasible. Exclusions include when outside exercising; when driving alone or with members of the household; when it poses a health or safety risk; when pumping gas or operating outdoor equipment; when in a building, such as a bank, that requires security surveillance; and when eating or drinking.

Texas, El Paso County

3/10/21 order urges residents to wear masks in public; requires masks in public buildings/facilities. 10/26/20 order (No.12) orders all residents to stay home, imposes a curfew of 10 pm - 5 am, and recommends that all business that do not provide curbside or drive-thru services to cease their operations. The order also extends Gov's mask mandate, restricts nursing home visits to employees and emergency/medical personel only, cancels all school extracurriculars, cancels all indoor sporting events, prohibits gatherings over 10 people, and restricts dine-in restaurant services to 9 pm. 7/03 order brought county into compliance with Gov's July 2 mask order.

Texas, Fort Worth

Face masks will be required in all Tarrant County businesses and at outdoor gatherings with more than 100 people. This applies to employees and visitors at businesses that offer goods or services to the public. 8/25 Order harmonizes local poolicy with Gov's mask mandate.

Texas, Harris County

Face masks are now required in Harris County as per the Governor's order.

Texas, Hidalgo County

Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez has extended the county’s Shelter at Home order requiring masks in public for another 25 days. The new order goes into effect on Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. and remains in effect until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, September 13, 2020. Initial Shelter at Home Order issued on 3/24/20.

Texas, Houston

Masks are still required in municipal buildings.

Texas, San Antonio

Mandates that all residents 10 years of age and older wear a cloth face covering in public setting, as part of the latest efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Starting Monday, June 22, local businesses will be required to “provide face coverings and training for appropriate use to employees” in workspaces where people are in close proximity.

Texas, Travis County

July 31 Order extends mask mandate and requirement for social distancing and business health practices until 8/31/20. June 25 order required all businesses to create plans to address health and safety related to COVID-19 — this includes requiring all customers and employees to wear face masks. Failure to comply by June 23 could result in a fine of up to $1000.

Utah, Salt Lake City

Face Coverings Mandatory. Any individual within Salt Lake County who is age two and over and able to medically or psychologically tolerate a face covering shall be required to wear a face covering that completely covers the nose and mouth when in public areas where consistent social distancing of at least six feet is not possible, reasonable, or prudent. Additional guidance can be found at

Utah, Salt Lake County

Face Coverings Mandatory. Any individual within Salt Lake County who is age two and over and able to medically or psychologically tolerate a face covering shall be required to wear a face covering that completely covers the nose and mouth when in public areas where consistent social distancing of at least six feet is not possible, reasonable, or prudent. Additional guidance can be found at

Washington, Seattle (King County)

Starting on May 18, 2020, King County residents are directed to wear face coverings in most public settings.

Wisconsin, Milwaukee

On July 13, 2020, the Milwaukee Common Council adopted an ordinance requiring that all persons wear face coverings in public spaces, indoors and outdoors. The ordinance goes into effect Thursday, July 16, 2020 and will be enforced throughout the duration of the Moving Milwaukee Forward health and safety order. We are currently in phase 4. Please refer to the Order for details specific to each sector ( This mask policy refers to any person leaving their private dwelling/property to wear a mask at all times, this includes work. Initial order only required employees and members of the public who use county facilities to wear a face covering.