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Contact: Shannon Augustus Strategic Marketing Manager

Public resource captures coronavirus response of all states and nearly a hundred local governments in one place

MultiState Associates launched a COVID-19 Policy Tracker in early March to capture government response actions taking place on the state and local level. The COVID-19 Policy Tracker, updated daily and in real time, includes updates on travel restrictions, state essential business definitions and “stay-at-home” orders, legislative sessions, mask mandates, and official declarations in all 50 states and many local jurisdictions — with more information being added daily. 

    • COVID-19 State and Local Policy Dashboard: Includes emergency declarations, executive orders, and other sources of official information in all 50 states and nearly a hundred local jurisdictions by population. 
    • State Definitions of Essential Business: Collects all definitions of essential business under “stay- at- home” orders issued by states and several large localities, including a summary map.
    • Travel Restrictions Map: Summarizes state-by-state travel restrictions in response to COVID-19.
    • Impact on State Legislative Sessions: We’ve noted and mapped any changes to state legislative schedules that result from the COVID-19 outbreak. As special sessions are announced for later in the year, these will be reflected here.

    Clients and the public have provided tremendous feedback on MultiState’s COVID-19 tracker. According to a national trade association leader, “It is the most useful and comprehensive of any of the listings we have seen during this crisis. This effort is a great service assisting essential industries during this national crisis.”  

    Trusted Expertise

    MultiState’s team of deep policy and process experts provide you with insights and analysis you can’t get anywhere else. The team of industry leaders at MultiState is tracking COVID-19 related issues daily in the 50 states and top localities. Leaders and issue experts on this project include:

      Experts have offered insights into the policy implications of the COVID-19 pandemic through the MultiState Insider blog and to the press

      Recent COVID-19 Related Blog Posts:

        MultiState Experts Quoted in the Press:

        Nick Reynolds, Casper Star Tribune, Rural state governors’ COVID-19 responses draw national attention (Apr. 11, 2020).

        “As far as enforcement, some governors and mayors have chosen to use local police to enforce these orders, especially in egregious violations, but it’s impractical to rely on enforcement to make the difference,” said Bill Kramer, the vice president of policy at Multistate Associates, a public affairs consulting firm based in Virginia. “Clearly communicating the seriousness of the pandemic and the best precautions residents can take will be the most effective way for state and local leaders to stop the spread of COVID-19 in their states.”

        About MultiState

        MultiState exists to make the extraordinary expected so that our clients can act with confidence to achieve their goals.

        MultiState does this by combining our unparalleled state and local government relations expertise offered by our principals and extensive lobbying network. With the insights and information developed by our staff of deep policy and process experts, MultiState delivers solutions using innovative technology designed specifically for government relations professionals.

        Since 1984, MultiState has provided the full spectrum of government relations services to help guide our clients to effectively participate in the democratic process at the federal, state and local levels. We uncover legislation and regulations of interest at all levels of government. We identify the right advocates seamlessly and at an attractive fee. We build and manage coalitions to amplify an organization’s voice. We provide confidential benchmarking and strategy, helping our clients optimize the government affairs function. Most importantly, we ensure our clients and their employees comply with federal, state, and local ethics and lobbying laws when carrying out their work.

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