2024 Legislative Session Dates
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Building relationships with your state legislators is a key part of any advocacy agenda. Here are some ideas to get you started, ranging from basic to expert. We've included tips on how to educate yourself on your legislators and their priorities, how to introduce yourself and your business, and how to engage directly on important issues.

In this Guide:

Educate Yourself on Your Legislators and Their Priorities

  • Find Your State Legislators
  • Sign Up for Their Email List
  • Follow Them on Social Media

Introduce Yourself and Your Business

  • Send an Email to Introduce Yourself
  • Attend an Event
  • Invite Them to Your Facilities
  • Invite them to Speak to Your Membership Organizations

Engage Directly on Important Issues

  • Submit Testimony on Legislation They Have Introduced
  • Schedule a Formal Meeting When the Time is Right