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MultiState's Story: How It All Began

In 1984, Paul Hallman (then, general counsel at a trade association in Washington, D.C.) and Steve Markowitz (director of government relations at a major corporation based in New York) realized there was a better way to approach government relations across the 50 state capitals. How could a New Yorker and a Washingtonian possibly know the right person to hire in Austin, Texas? Paul and Steve recognized that their uncertainty in finding the right representation wasn’t unique.

What was unique was their vision: save clients time and money by meticulously vetting and building a network of state and local lobbyists across the country. Instead of jetting off at the last minute to battle a bill in Tallahassee or to testify before a committee in Topeka, clients would simply call MultiState to connect with the right lobbyist on the ground that would work on their behalf, faster and more effectively. Paul and Steve revolutionized what it means to do state and local government relations.