2024 Legislative Session Dates
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States Recognize Transmission Lines as Key to Energy Future

Volume 120, sent May 14, 2024. Can “advanced conductoring” save our electrical grid?; the legislative response to cell-cultured synthetic meat; and Vermont’s Gov. Scott (R) will run for a 5th term. Read this edition.

More States Target PFAS, Despite Delays

Volume 119, sent May 7, 2024. States continue to limit PFAS use in consumer products despite some delays; Utah's AI law tackles broader issues; and more than half the states are officially adjourned. Read this edition.

The Most Popular Governors

Volume 118, sent April 30, 2024. Vermont’s Gov. Scott remains the nation’s most popular governor; anxiety over squatters inspires a wave of legislation; and a potential constitutional convention in Louisiana. Read this edition.

When Ballot Measures Go “Indirect”

Volume 117, sent April 23, 2024. The complicated path of one man’s quest to place ballot measures before the voters; holdout states consider expanding Medicaid; and legislatures in Iowa and Nebraska have adjourned, with Tennessee hoping to join them this week. Read this edition.

States Take Contrasting Approaches to Fossil Fuel Investing

Volume 116, sent April 16, 2024. Red and blue states are taking the opposite approach to ESG; How California made the minimum wage obsolete; and veto sessions in Kentucky, Nebraska, and Virginia. Read this edition.

Legislative Elections: Six States to Watch

Volume 115, sent April 9, 2024. Six states that might see new legislative majorities in 2025; states have spent $25 billion to woo Hollywood; and Arkansas’ legislative session gets underway this week. Read this edition.

States Focus on AI Deepfakes

Volume 114, sent April 2, 2024. Tennessee responds to AI clones of local musicians; the New York legislature’s budget includes multiple tax hikes; and the Wyoming House declines a veto override session. Read this edition.

Maryland's Evolving Budget Powers

Volume 113, sent March 26, 2024. Maryland has a unique budgeting approach; states rethink ambitious projects as tax revenues normalize and pandemic aid ends; and no vetoes in South Dakota. Read this edition.

Procedural Reversal: Can Lawmakers Veto Executive Orders?

Volume 112, sent March 19, 2024. Alaska utilizes a rare legislative veto of an executive order; Utah’s moderate approach to AI regulation; and legislative crossover deadlines in Maryland, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Read this edition.

Open Seats Dominate 2024 Gubernatorial Races

Volume 111, sent March 12, 2024. A surprising number of the limited governor elections this year are open; female representation remains low in statehouses; and legislative sessions adjourn in seven states. Read this edition.

Ballot Candy

Volume 110, sent March 5, 2024. Missouri officials setting up roadblocks for ballot measures; state corporate income tax legislation to watch in 2024; and Louisiana’s special legislative session ends early. Read this edition.

Legislatures Up North

Volume 109, sent February 27, 2024. A quick comparison of Canadian provincial legislatures and American state legislatures; retail worker protection policies are an emerging state policy trend; and legislative crossover deadlines in Georgia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Read this edition.

Florida Cities Sue Over Ethics Law

Volume 108, sent February 20, 2024. Local elected officials are resigning over a financial disclosure law in Florida; a crash course on state comprehensive privacy legislation; and a special legislative session begins in Louisiana. Read this edition.

Venue Shopping Unleashed: Ripple Effects of Mallory v. Norfolk Southern

Volume 107, sent February 13, 2024. How a little-noticed Supreme Court decision could have major implications for businesses; everything you need to know about state reproductive health care policy trends in 2024; and legislative sessions get started in Minnesota and Wyoming as New Mexico prepares to adjourn sine die. Read this edition.

Are Red and Blue State Policies Really That Divided?

Volume 106, sent February 6, 2024. An academic paper throws some cold water on “red codes” vs “blue codes”; issues to watch this year; and lawmakers in Alabama, Connecticut, and Oregon gavel into legislative session. Read this edition.

The Swiftie’s Legislative Agenda

Volume 105, sent January 30, 2024. Taylor Swift and her fans are also driving the agenda in many state legislatures this year; states to watch for big tax changes; and key legislative deadlines are fast approaching for some states. Read this edition.

Issues to Watch in the 2024 State Sessions

Volume 104, sent January 23, 2024. The hottest issues to keep an eye on in 2024 legislative sessions; how a budget becomes a law; and Louisiana lawmakers pass a new congressional map. Read this edition.

State Trifectas Hit A New Record in 2024

Volume 103, sent January 16, 2024. Louisiana is the newest trifecta in a record year; lawmakers respond to AI-induced job displacement; and five more states kick off their 2024 legislative session this week. Read this edition.

Fresh Faces: High Turnover of State Lawmakers Continues in 2024

Volume 102, sent January 9, 2024. States with odd-year elections will see a high number of new faces in the legislature; state tax-cutting trend faces headwinds from declining revenues and tighter budgets; and lawmakers kick off 2024 sessions this week in 14 states. Read this edition.

Unraveling Oregon's Quorum Quagmire

Volume 101, sent December 19, 2023. Judges try to sort out Oregon’s legislative walkout rules; a new era for sports team relocations; and the Pennsylvania House is split again until February. Read this edition.

Regulating AI: A Complex Challenge for States

Volume 100, sent December 12, 2023. California shows that regulating artificial intelligence will be a tough task for lawmakers; why is Mississippi’s legislature so large?; and some states face steep budget shortfalls. Read this edition.

2024 Gubernatorial Elections: All Eyes on Vermont Gov. Scott

Volume 99, sent December 5, 2023. Vermont Gov. Scott’s reelection decision will be key in 2024; understanding California’s proposed AI Rules; and legislative leadership shakeups in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Wisconsin. Read this edition.

Age Verification is the Latest Challenge to Big Tech

Volume 98, sent November 28, 2023. States are using age verification requirements to target big tech; lawmakers address “deepfakes” as campaign season approaches; and a legislative leadership shakeup in California. Read this edition.

Post-Election Tidbits

Volume 97, sent November 14, 2023. A few notable election results from last week; MultiState’s new report on state courts; and lawmakers in Massachusetts and Michigan wrap up major business for the year. Read this edition.

Special Election Edition: Democrats’ Big Night Largely Solidifies Status Quo

Volume 96, sent November 8, 2023. We recap the major election results from Tuesday; MultiState’s legislative trends analysis; and Texas returns for another special session. Read this edition.

What the end of Chevron deference could mean for the states

Volume 95, sent October 31, 2023. Will the Supreme Court spur state aggression on regulatory issues?; since 2021, half the states have cut personal income tax rates; and Georgia will redraw maps. Read this edition.

Ohio is Key in November Ballot Measures

Volume 94, sent October 24, 2023. Ohio voters will decide major ballot measures on abortion and marijuana; governors react to violence in Israel; and veto sessions in Illinois and New Hampshire. Read this edition.

States Go to School on Artificial Intelligence

Volume 93, sent October 17, 2023. Policymakers are solidly in the education stage of AI regulation; President Biden awards $7 billion for clean hydrogen hubs across the country; and Republicans successfully flip control of the Louisiana governor’s seat. Read this edition.

States See Geothermal as a Clean Energy Opportunity

Volume 92, sent October 3, 2023. States explore the promises of enhanced geothermal energy; balancing state budgets in a post-pandemic world; and special sessions in Oklahoma and Texas. Read this edition.

What to Watch for in November

Volume 91, sent September 26, 2023. A preview of the elections to watch this November; states launch or expand their own child tax credits; and North Carolina finally gets a budget. Read this edition.

Measuring “Excess Seats” in State Legislatures

Volume 90, sent September 19, 2023. Are “excess seats” for one political party primarily a result of gerrymanders in state legislatures?; 2023 state legislative dates; and Texas AG Paxton acquitted by Senate. Read this edition.

Is the IRA the new ACA for Conservative Governors?

Volume 89, sent September 12, 2023. Consumer rebates under the IRA could become the latest political football; major issue trends from the 2023 summer meetings; and the fate of North Carolina’s budget remains uncertain. Read this edition.

State Flags Ready for a Refresh

Volume 88, sent August 29, 2023. Why are states redesigning their official flags?; Gavin Newsom sides with the robots in the autonomous vehicle debate; and the special session in Tennessee continues. Read this edition.

How Will We Pay for Roads?

Volume 87, sent August 22, 2023. The gas tax is doomed, but what are the alternatives?; state redistricting maps still face an uncertain future; and a special session in Hawaii is likely in response to the Maui wildfires. Read this edition.

Voters Defend Ballot Measures

Volume 86, sent August 15, 2023. Lawmakers lose another skirmish in the larger battle between the legislatures and voters over the power of citizen-initiated ballot measures; California lawmakers take aim at CO2 and the fast food industry; and the end of an era in New Jersey. Read this edition.

Artificial Intelligence Challenges State Lawmakers

Volume 85, sent August 8, 2023. Lawmakers must decipher how best to respond to AI; other states are watching as voters head to the polls on Tuesday in Ohio to decide whether to raise the threshold for passing ballot measures; and a special session in West Virginia. Read this edition.

Governors See Boost to Approval Numbers

Volume 84, Sent August 1, 2023. The latest gubernatorial job approval numbers are out; states continue to move away from taxing personal property; and North Carolina budget intrigue. Read this edition.

The Political Cost of Late Budgets

Volume 83, Sent July 25, 2023. What late budgets tell us about a state’s politics; New York’s looming budget gap; and one-fifth of all state legislator censures since 1838 have occurred in 2023. Read this edition.

Privacy Legislation Reaching a Tipping Point

Volume 82, Sent July 18, 2023. In the absence of federal legislation, states fill the void on privacy legislation; why everyone is mad about New York City’s AI hiring law; and Alabama Legislature reconvenes Monday for a special session on congressional redistricting. Read this edition.

Wisconsin's Magic Veto Pen

Volume 81, Sent July 11, 2023. Wisconsin’s veto pen is unique even for the states; U.S. Supreme Court rejects the Independent State Legislature theory; and the Pennsylvania budget is stuck in limbo. Read this edition.

The Future of Non-Compete Agreements

Volume 80, Sent June 27, 2023. States are leading a charge against non-compete agreements; policymakers focus on AI use in hiring practices; and lawmakers in Delaware and Oregon adjourn. Read this edition.

What the Major Redistricting Case Means For the States

Volume 79, Sent June 13, 2023. The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision could shift state legislative maps again; why lawmakers can't get their act together on time; and New York lawmakers finally adjourn, for now. Read this edition.

States Shape Abortion Access

Volume 78, Sent June 6, 2023. A year after Dobbs, abortion access remains a major issue in state legislatures; in a contentious lawmaking season, red states got redder and blue ones bluer; and budget season begins in Pennsylvania. Read this edition.

Trifectas Have Consequences

Volume 77, Sent May 23, 2023. Michigan and Minnesota flipped political control this year and lawmakers are taking advantage of their new power; states compete to attract remote workers with friendlier tax policy; and lawmakers in Illinois need extra time to pass a state budget. Read this edition.

Why So Much Latin? Sine Die Explained

Volume 76, Sent May 16, 2023. An explanation of the Latin phrase sine die and what it means for legislative adjournment; California’s budget deficit has grown to nearly $32 billion; and primary elections today in Kentucky. Read this edition.

Politically, States are More Divided Than Ever

Volume 75, Sent May 9, 2023. Single party control of state governments is at a record high and supermajorities push it even further; we analyze the California Senate’s “Protect Our Progress” Plan; and lawmakers adjourn sine die in Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, and Iowa. Read this edition.

States Target PFAS in Consumer Products

Volume 74, Sent May 2, 2023. States are broadening their regulatory action against PFAS “forever chemicals”; a patchwork of consumer privacy laws enacted amid growing concern; and lawmakers adjourn sine die in Indiana and North Dakota, with Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, and Montana on deck. Read this edition.

States vs. Cities Goes Beyond Preemption

Volume 73, Sent April 25, 2023. The long-simmering animosity between cities and states has cranked up a notch; Democratic governors lose their grip as Republicans nab supermajorities; and lawmakers in Tennessee and Washington adjourn. Read this edition.

The States Take On China

Volume 72, Sent April 18, 2023. States are taking stronger action to protect the privacy and security of their residents; demystifying New York’s state budget process; and Gov. Sanders’ first vetoes in Arkansas. Read this edition.

Digital Nomad and Mobile Workers Face Big State Tax Challenges

Volume 71, Sent April 11, 2023. As workers move away from the office, states look to collect taxes on traveling employees; states feel budget pinch amid darkening revenue projections; and lawmakers in Arkansas, Idaho, and Maryland adjourn for the year, while Louisiana convenes. Read this edition.

California Claims Another Progressive Victory

Volume 70, Sent April 4, 2023. California enacted a new law aimed at oil company profits; What will governors focus on in 2023?; and Kentucky lawmakers approve medical marijuana legalization. Read this edition.

Party Switchers

Volume 69, Sent March 27, 2023. Lawmakers switching political affiliation can have significant consequences; states' rainy-day funds surge in a promising sign for finances; and lawmakers in Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Dakota look to wrap up legislative sessions. Read this edition.

Over Half of the Revenue Chairs Are New to the Job

Volume 68, Sent March 21, 2023. Over half of this year’s revenue committee chairs are new to the job, what’s that mean for tax policy?; red states are fighting their blue cities; and GOP wins surprise supermajority after legislative party flipping in Louisiana. Read this edition.

Has Marijuana Legalization Lost Momentum?

Volume 67, Sent March 14, 2023. After a major defeat in Oklahoma, has marijuana legalization lost momentum?; millions who rely on Medicaid may be booted from the program; and lawmakers in Kentucky, New Mexico, and West Virginia wrap up their legislative sessions. Read this edition.

When have Bill Introductions Peaked for the Year?

Volume 66, Sent March 7, 2023. Have we hit peak bill introductions yet?; what legislative leaders say their policy priorities are this year; and Alabama and Florida gavel in their 2023 legislative sessions as Utah and Wyoming adjourn. Read this edition.

Blue States Pursue Predictive Scheduling Mandates

Volume 65, Sent February 28, 2023. State residents can use the referendum process to veto lawmakers; state corporate income tax cuts have accelerated in recent years; and legislative deadlines in Indiana, Virginia, and Washington. Read this edition.

When the People Veto the Legislature

Volume 64, Sent February 21, 2023. State residents can use the referendum process to veto lawmakers; state corporate income tax cuts have accelerated in recent years; and legislative deadlines in Indiana, Virginia, and Washington. Read this edition.

States Brace for End of Medicaid Continuous Enrollment

Volume 63, Sent February 14, 2023. State health agencies are gearing up for a logistical nightmare as “continuous enrollment” of Medicaid comes to an end after nearly three years; Public school enrollment dropped by 1.2 million during the pandemic; and a major accounting error in South Carolina. Read this edition.

The Electrification Backlash

Volume 62, Sent February 7, 2023. State lawmakers push back against the “electrification of everything” movement; egged on by grocery prices, cities welcome backyard chickens; and three key special legislative elections today in Pennsylvania. Read this edition.

Right-to-Work Faces Repeal in Michigan

Volume 61, Sent January 31, 2023. Michigan lawmakers vow to repeal the state’s right-to-work law; billionaires in blue states face coordinated wealth-tax bills; and a special session in Louisiana. Read this edition.

Freshmen Make up a Fifth of State Lawmakers

Volume 60, Sent January 27, 2023. One out of every five state lawmakers are new to the chamber this year; states try to cap insulin costs; Louisiana holds a special session on the state’s property insurance crisis; and MultiState’s new “Meet the Member” webinar series with state legislative leaders. Read this edition.

New Faces in Legislative Leadership

Volume 59, Sent January 10, 2023. Expect to see many new faces atop legislative leadership this year; the housing crisis forces bipartisan action in the states; and welcome back state lawmakers! Read this edition.

Shifting Seats in State Legislatures

Volume 58, Sent December 20, 2022. We take a close look at shifts in state legislative seats; what new Democratic trifectas in four states mean for taxation; and Montana is the last state with newly drawn state legislative maps. Read this edition.

California Law Sparks Labor Debate

Volume 57, Sent December 13, 2022. California lawmakers look to transform the labor relations model; red states plan new income tax cuts ahead of a potential recession; and the courts will decide who’s in charge of the Pennsylvania House. Read this edition.

How State Break a Tie

Volume 56, Sent December 6, 2022. What happens when legislative elections end in a tie?; inflation is cutting into states’ big infrastructure windfall; and state lawmakers begin organizing for the 2023 sessions. Read this edition.

ESG and Corporate Social Justice Issues to Feature Prominently in 2023 Sessions

Volume 55, Sent November 29, 2022. ESG and Corporate Social Justice Issues to Feature Prominently in 2023 Sessions; meet the country’s new governors; and senators in Alaska form new majority coalition. Read this edition.

Red Wave Turns Blue

Volume 54, Sent November 15, 2022. The expected red wave turned into a blue ripple on Tuesday in the states; with D.C. divided, lobbying turns to the states; and leadership elections are already underway in state legislatures. Read this edition.

What Will Happen Tonight?

Volume 53, Sent November 8, 2022. It's time for some election day predictions; an exodus of incumbents brings change to state legislatures; and lawmakers in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania enact big legislative packages late in the session. Read this edition.

Ballot Measures to Watch

Volume 52, Sent November 1, 2022. Some statewide ballot measures worth keeping an eye on next week; bolstered rainy-day funds provide a recession cushion for most states; and Republican governors use their star power to help allies in other states. Read this edition.

Electoral Factoids

Volume 51, Sent September 27, 2022. Five underrated or just plain interesting facts about this year’s elections in the states; voters weigh in on ballot measure limits; and final gubernatorial debates in California, New York, and Pennsylvania. Read this edition.

Gubernatorial Approval Rating and Reelection

Volume 50, Sent September 27, 2022. How will gubernatorial approval ratings affect elections?; Democrats are outspending Republicans on TV in top governor races; and South Carolina lawmakers return to take another shot at enacting new abortion restrictions. Read this edition.

States Upzone to Spur Housing Construction

Volume 49, Sent September 27, 2022. California lawmakers enacted a major upzoning bill this year to address the housing shortage; as electric vehicles shrink gas tax revenue, more states may tax mileage; and is Gov. Ricketts angling for the U.S. Senate seat in Nebraska? Read this edition.

Not All Super Majorities are Alike

Volume 48, Sent September 27, 2022. Where are supermajorities most important this election?; California law will require pay range in job ads; and gubernatorial debates in Texas and Nevada. Read this edition.

What Would a Wave Election Look Like?

Volume 47, Sent September 27, 2022. We engage in a thought experiment to see what type of results a red or blue wave election would produce this year; money is pouring into state legislative races; and an Arizona judge reinstates a nineteenth-century era abortion ban. Read this edition.

In-Person Conferences Come Roaring Back

Volume 46, Sent September 20, 2022. Engaging with state groups is a smart way to monitor how your issue is being talked about across the country; we preview the top state legislative issues for 2023; and Missouri’s special legislative session off to a slow start. Read this edition.

Ranked-Choice Voting on the Rise

Volume 45, Sent September 12, 2022. State and local governments are experimenting with ranked-choice voting; states are flush with cash today but are keeping an eye on the economy; and Tuesday will see the last remaining primary elections this cycle in Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Read this edition.

Will Student Loan Forgiveness Increase Tax Liability for Borrowers?

Volume 44, Sent August 30, 2022. Federal law won’t tax student loan forgiveness, but will states?; states give tax refunds to cushion inflation; and the results of Alaska’s first open primary using ranked choice voting. Read this edition.

Legislatures Challenge Ballot Measures

Volume 43, Sent August 23, 2022. Lawmakers are pushing back on voter-approved ballot measures; how will the Inflation Reduction Act impact state policy?; and primary elections on Tuesday in Florida and New York. Read this edition.

Review Edition

Volume 42, Sent August 15, 2022. Looking back at recent developments topics we've discussed previously; states begin issuing emergency declarations over monkeypox spread, and primary elections on Tuesday in Alaska and Wyoming. Read this edition.

A History of State Senates

Volume 41, Sent August 9, 2022. We revisit the bicameral vs unicameral conversation with a look at state senates; how zoning paralyzed American cities; and primary elections on Tuesday in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Read this edition.

Kansas Voters to Decide on Abortion Amendment

Volume 40, Sent August 2, 2022. Today’s vote in Kansas is the first direct opportunity for the electorate to weigh in on the issue of reproductive health care since Dobbs; rural areas to receive broadband funding; and primary elections on Tuesday in Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington. Read this edition.

Will New York Ban Crypto Mining?

Volume 39, Sent July 26, 2022. We take a closer look at the bill sitting on the New York Governor’s desk that would ban certain crypto mining in the state; Chicago’s Cook County wants to use federal pandemic relief funds to pay off residents’ medical debt; and while it’s a rare week without a state primary, a handful of states are assembling for special legislative sessions. Read this edition.

Top Ten Policy Issues for 2023

Volume 38, Sent July 18, 2022. We preview our early top ten issues for state lawmakers in 2023; states are starting to decriminalize jaywalking; and primaries on Tuesday in Maryland. Read this edition.

Curiosities of Counties

Volume 37, Sent July 12, 2022. We dig into the history and unique aspects of county-level government; the governor’s race in Oregon shows how Democrats could be in trouble in November, and Pennsylvania finally has a budget. Read this edition.

Can Building Codes Save EVs?

Volume 36, Sent June 28, 2022. State and local building codes could be a key in EV adoption; Roe’s fall places abortion issues into the hands of state lawmakers; and primary elections on Tuesday in Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, and Utah. Read this edition.

Sudden Spotlight on Secretaries of State

Volume 35, Sent June 21, 2022. After 2020, the overseers of state elections have gained increasing importance; court blocks gig worker measure from the ballot in Massachusetts; and primary run-off elections on Tuesday in Alabama and Georgia. Read this edition.

Is the 4-day Workweek on the Horizon ?

Volume 34, Sent June 14, 2022. The legislative debate over the 4-day workweek has just begun; New York lawmakers debate crypto legislation; and primaries on Tuesday in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Carolina. Read this edition.

Using Ballot Measures to Address Ballot Measures

Volume 33, Sent June 7, 2022. A popular ballot measure topic in recent years is to use ballot measures to change the ballot measure process; states face fiscal cliffs after COVID-19 aid expires; and primaries on Tuesday in California, Iowa, New Jersey, New Mexico, Mississippi, Montana, and South Dakota. Read this edition.

Autonomous Vehicles Quietly Expand in the States

Volume 32, Sent May 24, 2022. Where are autonomous vehicles legal?; most states have ended their COVID-19 health emergencies; and primaries on Tuesday in Georgia with runoffs in Texas. Read this edition.

Tax Change: Not in an Election Year

Volume 31, Sent May 17, 2022. We crunch the numbers and find that states really do avoid changes to the tax code during election years; Washington is the first state to require all-electric heating in new buildings; and a busy week with primaries on Tuesday in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Read this edition.

The Post-Roe State Landscape

Volume 30, Sent May 10, 2022. A look at the potential state landscape if Roe v. Wade is overturned; be ready for November with our 2022 state elections toolkit; primaries in Nebraska and West Virginia as lawmakers in Hawaii and South Carolina adjourn. Read this edition.

When is the state fiscal slowdown coming?

Volume 29. Sent May 3, 2022. How will lawmakers act when revenues drop?; Fort Worth will mine bitcoin; and primaries in Indiana and Ohio as Connecticut and Hawaii adjourn. Read this edition.

Why do we have lieutenant governors?

Volume 28. Sent April 26, 2022. Are lieutenant governors more than a holding area for governors in waiting?; states debate affordable housing policy options; and Florida lawmakers target Disney. Read this edition.

How easy is it to put an initiative on the ballot?

Volume 27. Sent April 19, 2022. Digging into the number to find how easy it is to place an initiative on a state's ballot; New York Lt. Gov. resigns; and lawmakers in Kentucky, Maine, and Nebraska adjourn sine die. Read this edition.

Should States Incentivise E-Bikes?

Volume 26. Sent April 11, 2022. States offer incentives for electric vehicle purchases, should they do the same for e-bikes?; South Dakota lawmakers draft the first article of impeachment against a state official; and the crypto industry gets organized in state capitols. Read this edition.

What’s “Independent State legislature” Theory and Why Should You Care?

Volume 25. Sent April 5, 2022. Why you should care about “independent state legislature” theory; new laws are making states more different from each other; and New York lawmakers struggle to meet state budget deadline. Read this edition.

What Are the Pandemic’s Most Lasting Policy Changes?

Volume 24. Sent March 29, 2022. As major pandemic-related policies are winding down, what policies will be with us for the long haul?; redistricting has stalled in a handful of key states; and state lawmakers take up veto sessions. Read this edition.

Crypto’s Favorite State? Wyoming, of course.

Volume 23. Sent March 22, 2022. How did Wyoming become a crypto haven?; Don’t expect the same transparency from ARPA funds as we saw with the Recovery Act in 2009; and Governor DeWine gives his first State of the State address in three years. Read this edition.

States Jump on the Broadband Bandwagon

Volume 22. Sent March 15, 2022. States are playing their part in the surge of broadband investment; what's "independent legislature" theory?; and court knocks down Arizona’s voter-approved income tax increase on the wealthy. Read this edition.

Lawmakers Target Election Oversight

Volume 21. Sent March 8, 2022. Election oversight is one of the year’s most fiercely debated issues in state legislatures; states push into uncharted territory as they seek their own sanctions on Russia; and Hawaii reopens the capitol building to the public. Read this edition.

It’s Never Too Early to Talk Elections

Volume 20. Sent March 1, 2022. Which of the 2022 state elections should you be watching?; the corporate tax rate bills you should pay attention to this year; and Utah set to adjourn sin die on Friday. Read this edition.

How Nebraska Became Unicameral

Volume 19. Sent February 22, 2022. Why does Nebraska have the only unicameral legislature?; New Mexico adjourns sine die; and cutting taxes is a bipartisan affair this year. Read this edition.

Lawmakers Play It Safe When Drawing Their Own Districts

Volume 18. Sent February 15, 2022. A new study shows how state lawmakers are less aggressive when drawing their own districts; blue states drop mask mandates; and lawmakers face procedural deadlines to move legislation. Read this edition.

Sales Tax Exemptions as Election Year Appeal

Volume 17. Sent February 8, 2022. State lawmakers are promising to reduce grocery bills using sales tax exemptions; what will state legislators focus on in 2022?; and lawmakers must decide how to spend record surpluses. Read this edition.

Republicans Warming to Marijuana Legalization

Volume 16. Sent February 1, 2022. GOP lawmakers take up marijuana legalization; states look to boost electric vehicle infrastructure; and legislative sessions in OR and MN kick off this week. Read this edition.

Florida Lawmakers Take Disputes with Cities to New Level

Volume 15. Sent January 25, 2022. Florida lawmakers open up a new front on conflict with local governments; 2022 tax policy trends; and bill deadlines in California. Read this edition.

Ready for a Quarter of a Million Bills?

Volume 14. Sent January 18, 2022. A data-driven breakdown of state bill introductions; cities and states embrace crypto; and omicron variant disrupts a smooth return to the capitol for some lawmakers and governors. Read this edition.

What’s in Store for 2022?

Volume 13. Sent January 11, 2022. Much of 2022's expected policy trends are rooted in 2020; politically, will redistricting be a wash?; and state lawmakers return to the capitols (some remotely). Read this edition.

Don’t Underestimate Redistricting

Volume 12. Sent December 21, 2021. We end the year with a look at redistricting; states debate how to respond to the latest COVID-19 outbreaks; and wishing the state GR community a happy holiday! Read this edition.

What’s Going On With Vaccine Mandates?

Volume 11. Sent December 14, 2021. Walking through the myriad vaccine mandates and bans in the states; how Oregon is trying to fix child care; and redistricting often ends up in the hands of judges. Read this edition.

Reflections on 10 Years of State Tax Data

Volume 10. Sent December 17, 2021. Reflecting on a decade’s worth of state tax data; donating to candidates via Bitcoin in Ohio; and recounts confirm a GOP takeover of the Virginia House. Read this edition.

Gubernatorial Approval Ratings & 2022 Reelections

Volume 9. Sent November 30, 2021. Examining gubernatorial approval ratings with an eye toward 2022 reelections; SCOTUS settles a dispute between states; and jockeying for open gubernatorial seats begins. Read this edition.

Ballot Measures as Political Strategy

Volume 8. Sent November 16, 2021. Are ballot measures a viable vehicle to pass a party’s political agenda?; Americans are participating in redistricting like never before; and Louisiana elections over the weekend. Read this edition.

The History Behind the Republican Wave

Volume 7. Sent November 9, 2021. We take a step back to examine the long history behind the Republican state elections wave; plenty of post-election commentary; and SD and DE lawmakers debate impeaching statewide office holders. Read this edition.

Virginia Elections as Harbinger for 2022?

Volume 6. Sent October 26, 2021. Party operatives are watching next week’s elections in VA very closely, shedding of staff and authority leaves local health departments less prepared for the next pandemic, and special legislative sessions in AL, IA, TN, and WY. Read this edition.

All-Mail Voting Becomes Increasingly Permanent

Volume 5. Sent October 13, 2021. California gives all-mail voting a huge boost, states pick up policing reform efforts after Congress failed to strike a deal, and redistricting is still a focus for state lawmakers. Read this edition.

Why Didn’t the 2009 Recovery Act Improve U.S. Highways and Bridges?

Volume 4. Sent September 28, 2021. Will Congress’ infrastructure package simply offset state spending? It's a special session-palooza as states address redistricting, and CA could scale back recall rules. Read this edition.

California Is the Poster Child for Recall Elections, but They’re Not Alone

Volume 3. Sent September 21, 2021. Politicos are closely watching CA’s recall election today, governors are not pleased with Biden’s new vaccine mandates, and AK lawmakers struggle to solve their Permanent Fund dilemma. Read this edition.

NC Restores Voting Rights After Felony Convictions

Volume 2. Sent September 1, 2021. Judicial decision makes NC the latest state to restore voting rights after felony convictions, the surreal story of how a deadly crash upended SD politics, and with a quorum restored, TX lawmakers move high-profile bills on elections, border security, and bail reform. Read this edition.

Frustrated Cities to Use “Vaccine Passports”

Volume 1. Sent September 9, 2021. Frustrated cities turn to “vaccine passports” to fight COVID-19, Alaska lawmakers debate the future of the sacred Permanent Fund, and how AOC and the left reinvented NY politics. Read this edition.