2024 Legislative Session Dates
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Welcome to MultiState's Stakeholder Engagement News, where we share actionable insights from policymaker and policy influencer groups that you can use to advance your state government relations and advocacy goals.  MultiState's Stakeholder Engagement Practice helps clients develop a strategic plan for engaging with policymaker and policy influencer organizations — groups that can move the needle in policy discussions across the country. Policymaker organizations are national or regional entities for different types of public officials, and working with them is often referred to as “intergovernmental affairs” because of their unique position at the intersection of federal, state, and local government. 

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Who Are Policy Influencers and How Can You Engage Them? 

Volume 10, sent March 1, 2024. Clients often ask us how to engage influencers in policy debates around the country. We’ve laid out the steps to identify potential allies and partner with them in your advocacy work. Plus, we made an easy-to-reference guide of state and local leaders who have assumed the helm of their respective intergovernmental policymaker associations for 2024. Read this edition.

2023 State and Local Groups Recap + A 2024 Preview

Volume 9, sent January 12, 2024. In 2023, the industry celebrated a number of big organizational anniversaries, the emergence of new groups, and saw major senior staff transitions. Plus we recap the policies passed by state officials at ALEC, NLGA, and CSG in the fall. Read this edition.

Policies Under Consideration at CSG, ALEC, and the NLGA

Volume 8, sent November 9, 2023. We’ve reviewed the model policies and resolutions that state leaders will be considering at upcoming meetings. Adopted models tend to pop up as introduced legislation come January. Read this edition

Meet the Institute for State Policy Leaders

Volume 7, sent November 1, 2023. There’s a new national organization primed to assist state policymakers in making informed policy decisions by conducting nonpartisan educational programming. Read this edition

Your 2024 Stakeholder Engagement Plan 

Volume 6, sent September 22, 2023. As you set your priorities for next year, we have mapped out some questions to ask yourself in order to set goals, build your plan, and align your budget to embolden your stakeholder strategy next year. Read this edition

Major Issue Trends from the 2023 Summer Meetings

Volume 5, sent August 25, 2023. Issues that are on the groups' meeting agendas in the summer usually appear as introduced legislation in the next legislative session. Read an analysis of topics that are trending on multiple intergovernmental organizations’ agendas, plus a recap of all of the policy resolutions and model policies that were considered and approved by state and local officials at meetings this summer. Read this edition.

A Primer on Policy Vehicles Used by Policymaker Groups

Volume 4, sent June 8, 2023.  Here's a primer and quick reference guide on the policy vehicles that stakeholder organizations deploy to advance their members’ priorities and ideas. These processes are important to monitor as part of your overall state advocacy strategy.  Read this edition.

Tax Policy Groups 101 — and Why You Should Be Monitoring Them

Volume 3, sent April 24, 2023.  Interested in engaging with the tax policy groups? You should be! Here we provide a primer on the main organizations that engage on state tax policy and why you should care about what they’re working on. Read this edition.

Governors’ Week Recap, AG Action, and A Chat with NCSL

Volume 2, sent March 10, 2023. Forty-five governors from states, commonwealths, and territories convened at the National Governors Association (NGA) Winter Meeting and for other intergovernmental events in mid-February. Read this edition.

Opportunities to Meet Legislative Leaders; New Execs at Policymaker Groups

Volume 1, sent January 27, 2023. MultiState has expanded its Stakeholder Engagement Practice, building on years of success advancing the priorities of our clients with various state and local policymaker groups and other third-party organizations. Read this edition.