2024 Legislative Session Dates
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Groups representing state and local policymakers meet multiple times throughout the year, providing an opportunity for you to build relationships and engage on key policy issues. Upcoming meetings of the main policymaker executive, legislative, and policymaker groups can be found below (updated weekly). Bookmark this table for meeting dates, location, access status (public or members only), and more.

Any effective state and local government relations program needs a comprehensive plan for engaging with the policymaking community as a whole, including a strategic approach to the national membership organizations of policymakers, which are collectively referred to as “the groups.” The groups provide opportunities for businesses and other organizations to engage with policymakers on priority issues and, more importantly, develop relationships with key state leaders without having to travel to every state in the country. Some groups have the ability to dramatically influence or set policy precedents that individual states often follow with their own legislative efforts.

The groups can be organized into a few main categories: executive and administrative groups; legislative branch policymaker groups; and industry professional development groups. Additionally, there are likely industry sector or issue-specific groups that can be beneficial to your organization, in addition to government affairs industry trade groups. For a more in-depth overview of the types of groups and how you can create a groups engagement strategy, read our overview here.

View the full State & Local Groups Calendar.

Need Help Managing Stakeholder Engagement? 

Any effective government relations strategy includes a comprehensive plan for engaging with stakeholder organizations. These groups can help you push your advocacy priorities across the finish line — if you have the right plan in place. With our experts’ deep network and long industry tenure, MultiState will help you build meaningful relationships with the right people and organizations, allowing you to educate and engage with key policy influencers who will validate and amplify your message. The messenger is just as important as the story itself.

Need help on where to start, or how to maximize engagement with the groups?MultiState can help you create a plan to engage the policy community. Read more about our Stakeholder Engagement Practice or contact us here.