2024 Legislative Session Dates
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Geoff Hawkins

Manager, Gaming Policy

Geoff Hawkins, J.D., is a key member of MultiState’s Issue Management team and has two decades of experience in the government affairs industry that includes nearly a decade of pet industry experience. He is a licensed attorney and one of MultiState’s chief legal researchers. Prior to MultiState, Geoff managed state government affairs for the nation’s largest pet retailer. In his role there, he partnered with internal business leaders to identify and influence legislation that uniquely impacted the pet industry. To influence legislation, he advised senior leadership, managed contract lobbyists, and worked with pet industry and state retail associations. After working internally for a pet retailer, he then went on to consult for large pet retail chains for several years before rejoining MultiState (he started his government affairs career with MultiState twenty years ago as an analyst and staff attorney). In these roles, he monitored and analyzed state and federal legislation, advised clients on strategy and messaging, drafted comments and advocacy collateral, and worked with client staff to help them better understand the implications that proposed legislation could have on their businesses.