2024 Legislative Session Dates
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Key Takeaways:

  • Twelve states have disclosure deadlines in November and one state has annual lobbying registration due, meaning you’re required to renew if you plan to continue lobbying. 
  • Additionally, localities in three states have forms or filings due in November.
  • These rules still apply even for those professionals conducting advocacy and lobbying work virtually.

As we move closer to 2021, many government affairs professionals are not only still working virtually , but preparing for the upcoming state legislative sessions. Keeping track of filing and reporting deadlines for lobbying compliance is still important, even remotely.

Over the next month, 12 states have periodic disclosure requirements — in other words, if you’re already registered in one of these states and are required to file disclosure reports, you must do so in November. Additionally, New Jersey has annual lobbying registration renewals this month, meaning you’re required to renew if you plan to continue lobbying there. 

Check out the map below to see which states have important deadlines this month. Don’t miss a critical deadline — learn more about our industry-leading lobbying compliance services here

In addition to these state deadlines, localities in nine states also have filings and/or forms due. 




City of San Francisco


City of San Jose


City of Denver

New York

New York City