2024 Legislative Session Dates
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Key Takeaways:

  • The 2021 legislative sessions are right around the corner, and as you create your state government affairs program, be sure to review lobbying registration requirements and deadlines. 
  • In some states, your current registration will cover all or part of 2021. However, 36 states require registration for 2021, meaning you must re-register to be in compliance.
  • In three states, registration continues until terminated. There is only one state (Nevada) where registration will not be required for 2021 .
  • Additionally, 34 municipalities require registration for 2021.

If you want your state government affairs program to hit the ground running in January, it is imperative to review lobbying registration requirements and deadlines now. In some states, your 2020 registration may carry over and cover some or part of 2021. However, in a majority of states — 36 of them— you are required to register for 2021 to be in compliance. In nine states, current registration covers all or part of 2021. In three states (Delaware, Michigan, and Minnesota), registration continues until explicitly terminated. Only one state (Nevada) will not  require registration for 2021 because an in-person session is not scheduled at this time. Check out the map below to see where 2021 registration is required. 

Additionally, registration is required in the 34 municipalities listed below. Don’t miss a critical deadline — learn more about our industry-leading lobbying compliance services here.


City of Phoenix


City of Berkley

City of Glendale

City of Los Angeles

City of Oakland

City of San Diego

City of San Francisco

City of San Jose

Los Angeles County


City of Denver

 District of Columbia


City of Miami

City of Tallahassee

Hillsborough County

Miami-Dade County

Pinellas County


City of Honolulu


City of Chicago

Cook County


City of Indianapolis,


City of Baltimore

Montgomery County


City of Boston

New York

Nassau County

New York City

Suffolk County


City of Portland


City of Philadelphia

City of Pittsburgh


City of Nashville


City of Austin

City of Dallas

City of San Antonio


Milwaukee County