2024 Legislative Session Dates
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A Fortune 500 technology company was spending weeks scrambling to gather information from dozens of employees to compile their federal lobbying reports. One staff member was tasked with gathering data from almost 50 employees in order to meet the company’s federal reporting requirements four times each year. The process included sending repeated emails to various departments (government relations, legal, finance, and the executive team) — but receiving inconsistent and incomplete responses, if a response was received at all. The compliance coordinator responsible for overseeing the internal reporting and filing devoted 100 percent of their work time to lobbying compliance at the end of each filing period.

MultiState’s compliance team built custom, automated forms for the client to be deployed through our online compliance system. By automating the information-gathering process, the compliance coordinator simply interacted with our compliance team as we monitored the process, saving the company thousands of hours overall. Learn more by clicking the button below.