2024 Legislative Session Dates
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Access to the Largest Network in the Country

To get the job done, you’ll need someone on the ground with local knowledge and a sterling reputation. We’ve built and we maintain relationships with over 2,000 lobbyists across the country. MultiState engages the right lobbyist for our clients more than 500 times each year. We continuously develop and update our network to keep pace with changing political dynamics. Our network and scope are unparalleled.


Get the Ideal Match

We’re not a referral service. Each engagement is unique, so we fully research and vet the available lobbyists in the states or localities where you need representation. We only work with effective and ethical lobbyists — our name is literally on the registration forms, so we have skin in the game too. We take issue expertise, politics, relationships, and personality into account — and do an in-depth conflict check — to ensure we’ve identified the best match for you.


Leave the Admin Work to Us

Once we’ve found you the right representation, we’ll also take care of the administrative work: negotiating the best fees, executing agreements, and submitting lobbying registrations and reports on your behalf.


No Project is Too Big or Too Small

Do you need to work a single bill in one state and be up and running as fast as possible? Do you want to monitor your key issues in an off-session year? Or do you need a series of lobbyists spread out across the country, all working toward the same policy goal? No matter your needs, we’ll make it easy and find you the right fit.



Before we find the right match for you, we need a thorough understanding of what you’re facing. What issues are impacting you and how? What’s your objective? How do you and your team work together?


Our people are your strategic advantage. MultiState’s industry veterans have decades of experience matching clients with the right lobbyists. We have a time-tested process of researching and vetting candidates.


Our lobbyist network wasn’t built overnight. Thirty-five years of interviewing and working directly with thousands of lobbyists are what makes MultiState’s network the largest and most respected in the country. Access to this knowledge base will equip you with what you need to win in the statehouse and city hall.


Finding the right lobbyist doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Let us do the hard part so you can focus on the big picture.

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Expert's Advice

“With our extensive network of government relations firms positioned in each state, MultiState is prepared, at a moments notice, to deploy the right lobbyist to handle your issue(s). These professionals fully understand what is driving decisions in their capitals and municipalities, both from a political and policy perspective. And they always have a great story, with local flavor to tell!”

Jeffery A. Hartgen

Chairman & Principal

Meet Our Team
The MultiState difference is our unique and unparalleled strength in helping clients respond to challenges when they quickly need to go on the defense. They don't have to spend weeks trying to figure out who's the right person to hire. They can rely on MultiState's experience, expertise, and relationships with these lobbyists on the ground that we've developed over the years, and our knowledge of who's the right person for the job, to get somebody on the ground within hours if needed.
Marcie McNelis, Chairman and Principal
As an in-house government relations professional for several corporations and multiple industries, my first call when setting up my department is to Multistate Associates. Whether finding the perfect lobbyist for my unique issues or tracking legislative movement over multiple states, MultiState has delivered outstanding services at the highest level to my organizations for more than two decades. They know how to put the exact team on the ground to protect and promote your specific needs.
Terra McClelland, Director of Government and External Affairs
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Let's Talk Compliance

Know before you go. Our industry-leading lobbying compliance services ensure our clients’ federal, state, and local registration and reporting requirements are managed effectively and efficiently. Our personalized service means that you will never miss a critical compliance deadline.

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