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Landscape Analysis and Strategy Development

The first step to influence policy is understanding the landscape surrounding it. What existing policies are in place? What would be better? Where are you best suited for success? With your unique perspective in mind, we’ll identify key objectives and design a roadmap to get you there. Our industry veterans can survey the political landscape to locate the best opportunities, anticipate potential roadblocks, and craft public policy that evolves with the constantly-shifting environment. We’ll help you zero in on the right policy answer for your organization.


Groups Management and Third-Party Engagement

Once we know the lay of the land, it’s time to build meaningful relationships with the right people. From think tanks and lawmaker groups to policy influencers, media, and industry trade groups, where should you focus your attention? We’ll make sure you’re educating and engaging with key policy influencers who will validate and amplify your message. After decades in the industry, we know that effective state and local government relations programs need a strategic approach to national membership organizations, often referred to as “the Groups.” The Groups provide opportunities for businesses and other organizations to engage and develop relationships with policymakers and key stakeholders on priority issues. MultiState can audit, advise and assess your current engagement, help you design and activate a plan, and ensure you’re engaging strategically and efficiently and achieving intended results.


On-the-Ground Advocacy Networks

The messenger matters just as much as the message — who should tell your story? When it comes to influencing state and local policy, recruiting on-the-ground advocates is vital. We’ll build the right advocacy network to speak for your issue, and if necessary, hire lobbyists, create a coalition of stakeholders, and launch a grassroots and social media campaign. As network builders, we can do it all.


Sharpened Communications

What’s the best way to articulate and share your message? Our communications and policy pros will make your organization’s voice stand out from the crowd, from helping with voice and tone to creating engaging, persuasive, and vibrant physical and digital content.


Efficient Internal Processes

We can take care of the day-to-day tasks that drive government affairs work, like managing your coalition, consolidating your on-the-ground lobbyist reporting, or streamlining your compliance process. Or, you can elect to outsource some or all of your lobbying needs to us — and we provide a dedicated full-time staffer to manage your state and local program, or a team to run your association. Let us keep track of logistics so you can focus on strategy and execution, no matter the size of your government affairs shop.



Before we can create an action plan, we need a thorough understanding of what you’re facing. What’s impacting you and how? What’s your objective? Understanding what success looks like to you is vital to getting you there. And if things change, we want to know. This is the start of a collaborative relationship — as your issues evolve, we evolve with you.


Our people are your strategic advantage. MultiState’s industry veterans have decades of government affairs experience and can help you navigate it all. Our communications and policy professionals have a proven record of crafting advocacy content that changes minds, and our network will get your message in front of the right people.


MultiState has a proven set of advocacy tools that we’ve deployed working with hundreds of clients over the years, tools we constantly iterate and refine. We’ll use our network of on-the-ground experts in states and localities across the country, and combine it with our in-house policy expertise, modern government relations management technology, and cutting-edge communications and compliance tools to give you a comprehensive, tailored program.


Influencing state and local policy across the country can be a daunting prospect. But it doesn’t have to be. Our comprehensive approach to government affairs — decades of experience combined with modern tools and policy expertise — will get you the results you’re looking for and put your mind at ease.

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Expert's Advice

“I am passionately driven to provide a WIN for our clients. That begins with really listening to what challenges they are facing, drawing out immediate and big picture needs, and collaborating with them to find the best solutions to achieve extraordinary results.”

Maureen B. Riehl

Principal & General Counsel

Meet Our Team
MultiState has been a valued partner to CEDIA's government affairs program for many years. MultiState is a valued resource and their staff provides timely insight and services for our government affairs work. They are a key to our success.
Darren Reaman, Director of Government Affairs
Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA)
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Let's Talk Compliance

Know before you go. Our industry-leading lobbying compliance services ensure our clients’ federal, state, and local registration and reporting requirements are managed effectively and efficiently. Our personalized service means that you will never miss a critical compliance deadline.

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