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Melissa White


Melissa White joined MultiState as an Accountant for the Finance Team in early October of 2022. Eager to grow from the beginning stages of her career, she landed this role and was ready to take on a big step forward. Melissa handles all of the day to day financial reporting and accounts receivables to ensure the money keeps flowing, as well as it does! As a 2020 graduate of Saint Joseph’s University, Melissa earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting. During those academic years, she began paving her professional career when she took an Accounting Internship for a construction company. There, she learned about project management, accounts payables and receivables, and general business administrative principles. Upon graduation, Melissa worked as a processor in the treasury department for a mortgage corporation. Whether it’s going for a hike or being close enough to hear ocean waves, Melissa enjoys anything outdoors. She has a deep love for animals, stemming from her past volunteer work with animal organizations and many family pets. Currently residing in New Jersey, Melissa is hoping to fill her home with a new furry pup of her own!