2024 Legislative Session Dates
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Post-Election Results & Analysis

Of the 26 lieutenant governor elections this cycle, only 3 seats switched political parties in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Nevada. Most are elected on joint tickets with the governor. Additionally, voters in Arizona approved a ballot measure to add a lieutenant governor’s office. 

Pre-Election Preview

How Are Lieutenant Governors Selected?

Lieutenant governor is a statewide position, the second-highest in the executive branch, in 45 states. Arizona, New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon, and Wyoming do not have a lieutenant governor position. Of the 45 states with a lieutenant governor, 43 are elected to that position. The two exceptions are Tennessee and West Virginia, where the senate president serves as the lieutenant governor. Only 17 states elect a lieutenant governor independently, while 26 states elect the governor and lieutenant governor on a joint ticket (similar to how U.S President and Vice President run on a joint ticket and are not elected separately).

Current Partisan Breakdown of Lt. Governors

Currently, Republicans hold lieutenant governorships in 26 states compared to 19 lieutenant governorships held by Democrats.

States with Lt. Governor Elections in 2022

On November 8, 2022, lieutenant gubernatorial seats in 30 states are up for election. Of the 30 lieutenant gubernatorial seats up for election in 2022, 15 seats are currently held by Democrats, and 15 seats are currently held by Republicans.

Primary Elections: Dates and Results

The chart below lays out the primary dates and the victors (once available) in major party primaries for the 30 lieutenant gubernatorial races. Asterisk (*) indicated incumbent.


Primary Election

Democratic Candidate

Republican Candidate


May 24

NoneWill Ainsworth*


August 16

Jessica Cook
Nancy Dahlstrom


May 24

Kelly Krout
Leslie Rutledge


June 7

Eleni Kounalakis*
Angela Underwood Jacobs


June 28

Dianne Primavera*
Danny Moore


August 9

Susan Bysiewicz
Laura Devlin


August 23

Karla Hernandez
Jeanette Nuñez


May 24 / June 21

Charlie Bailey
Burt Jones


August 13

Sylvia Luke
Seaula Tupai


May 17

Terri Pickens Manweiler
Scott Bedke


June 28

Juliana Stratton*
Stephanie Trussell


June 7

Eric Van Lancker
Adam Gregg*


August 2

David Toland
Katie Sawyer


July 19

Aruna Miller
Gordana Schifanelli


September 6

Kim Driscoll
Leah Allen


Aug. 21 / Aug. 27

Garlin Gilchrist II*
Shane Hernandez


August 9

Peggy Flanagan*
Matt Birk


May 10

None Joe Kelly


June 14

Elizabeth Cano Burkhead*
Stavros Anthony

New Mexico

June 7

Howie Morales*
Ant Thornton

New York

June 28

Antonio Delgado*
Alison Esposito


May 3

Cheryl Stephens

Jon Husted*


June 28

Melinda Alizadeh-Fard
Matt Pinnell*


May 17

Austin Davis
Carrie DelRosso

Rhode Island

September 13

Sabina Matos*
Aaron Guckian

South Carolina

June 14

Tally Parham Casey
Pamela Evette

South Dakota

June 7

Jennifer Healy Keintz
Larry Rhoden 


March 1 / May 24

Mike Collier

Dan Patrick*


August 9

David Zuckerman
Joe Benning


August 9

Sara Rodriguez
Roger Roth

Additional Resources and Analysis

Visit our 2022 State Elections Toolkit for additional information on all of the state executive and legislative seats up for election this year, handy downloadable resources,  and analysis of the potential impact on the partisan makeup of state governments.