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Liz Malm

Senior Director, Strategic Government Relations and Economist

Liz Malm serves as Senior Director and Economist at MultiState, helping to lead the company’s Strategic Government Relations practice and advising clients on how they can creatively and effectively advocate in state and local governments across the country. Liz is passionate about design and develops many of the creative aspects of MultiState’s internal and client work, including communications, graphics, and web design. She is the co-founder of the MultiState Women’s Forum. Liz joined the firm as a Senior Policy Analyst and Economist in 2015, focusing on the firm’s tax policy clients. Her previous experience includes the Tax Foundation’s Center for State Tax Policy and the Wyoming Taxpayers Association. She holds a Master of Arts In Economics from Duke University and two bachelors degrees from the University of Wyoming (BS, Economics and BA, History). Liz lives in Washington, DC with her partner and two cats, Max and Tibby.
“I’m a problem-solver at heart, and nothing makes me happier than coming up with creative solutions for our clients. Whether that’s telling a good story, developing a coalition of strong advocates, or making engaging charts and maps, I know that public policy and government affairs don't have to be boring.”