Battle For Internet Privacy Moves From White House to Statehouses

Last week, President Donald Trump signed a Congressional Review Act resolution repealing internet privacy rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) during the end of the Obama Administration. A key component of these regulations required internet...

Technology Spurs States to Pass More Data Security Breach Notification Laws

The recent hack of the Democratic National Committee email is the latest example of information under attack from foreign governments, organized criminals, and mischievous hackers. Political organizations, government agencies, companies, and anyone that collects and...

Trends in Gubernatorial Priorities in 2016

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2016 Predictions: What Will State Legislatures Focus On this Year?

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Data Privacy: 2014 Session Update


By: Rachel Arnold, Research Analyst August 12, 2014

Data Privacy - An oxymoron?


By: Rachel Arnold, Research Analyst February 6, 2014

Is Colorado’s Recall A Warning For Legislators?


By: Christine Garber, Research Analyst September 19, 2013

State and Local Reactions to Recent Gun Violence

In the wake of the recent tragedies involving gun violence in America, various legislative proposals have been introduced in response with varying degrees of receptiveness and success. In lieu of proposing controversial gun control legislation, some mayors and state...