Supreme Court Opens Sports Betting Legalization to States

In a 6-3 decision earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) in Murphy v. NCAA, allowing states now to either legalize or ban sports betting on their own. While Nevada remains the only state to...

Legislative Session Review: West Virginia

West Virginia adjourned its 2018 legislative session sine die on March 10, and Governor Jim Justice (R) finished acting on the bills sent to his desk on March 25. While passage of a five percent pay raise to end a 9-day statewide teacher strike attracted national...

Twenty-Five States Face Revenue Shortfalls in 2018

Twenty-five states are currently facing a revenue shortfall, which is a marked improvement over our report from last year, when 31 states were in deficit. New additions to this year's list include Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, and New Jersey. Colorado,...

Direct Democracy in Action: A Guide to State Ballot Measures
Voters will head to the ballot box tomorrow, and, depending on the state, might encounter questions beyond who to vote for in statewide or local elections. This form of direct democracy  often referred to universally as ballot measures  comes in different flavors,...
Trends in Gubernatorial Priorities in 2016

Note: we’ll be updating this post as more governors deliver State of the State addresses. Check back for updates!

2016 State of the State Speeches

Each year, state governors deliver a “State of the State” speech, where they address state legislators and often outline policy priorities for the upcoming year. These speeches tend to occur near the start of each state's legislative session, although this can vary from...

Endangered List: Biennial State Legislative Sessions

By: Christine Garber, Research Analyst December 17, 2013

Suspense Files and X Files and Inexpedient to Legislate: Navigating State Legislative Jargon


By: CJ Tosto, Senior Research Analyst February 13, 2013

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